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I wanted to send a big cheer out to GetFit Davis gym. The owners Nick and Katie have done a beautiful job!

I like gyms, but I have not been to a gym in quite a while. I don’t know why-lack of motivation, lack of energy, lack of hope to make any real long term progress, busyness, being a mom, life, etc., etc., etc. There really are so many excuses.

I decided to give GetFit Davis a try. I went for a few training sessions with Nick, the owner since he had helped a friend of mine turn her “mommy arms” into “Michelle Obama meets Linda Hamilton arms”. Yes, her arms are that awesome. A few sessions with Nick, and I was hooked. Nick with his great sense of humor, as well as his upbeat energy moves us through the treadmill and weights and back to the treadmill with ease. By the end of the hour, I am thoroughly sweaty and strangely rejuvenated. Who knew? Exercise really does help to clear your mind and body and boost your energy.

The gym is beautiful and clean. There are multiple trainers like Thomas walking around, helping all of us who are not quite doing the correct moves. One slight angle adjustment, and you really feel the difference. Then you are on the way to getting the results you want. All of the employees are cheerful and helpful.

I hear story after story of how Nick helped someone lose a significant amount of weight and achieve all of their fitness goals. I am inspired.

Nick and Katie are part of what makes Davis great. They eagerly help out at the elementary school auctions by donating gym memberships. With just a passing mention of helping a charity, Nick was quick to organize a fun run to raise money for JDRF. Nick and Katie make good things happen.

The best part of GetFit Davis is (flashback to Cheers sitcom) that when I walk in to the gym, I feel like part of the family where everyone knows my name...

I am truly impressed, amazed and so happy that I have a new gym.

I feel more hopeful that this time I can achieve my fitness goals for the long term, and I can have fun while I’m getting there. GetFit Davis is some innovative gym!

From a new fan


Cecily Bailey has been my TRX Personal Trainer at Get Fit Davis for the past six months.

Cecily is a truly outstanding trainer. She is the local expert in the TRX training system, a high powered emerging new form of training based on resistance exercises done while suspended against a pair of straps designed for the activity. The exercises can be done anywhere.

TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercises. Cecily has mastered all the TRX suspension training techniques, both the original program with straps, and the more advanced exercise program called TRX RIP, which uses bungees (of various weight resistance attached to a pole). But Cecily has gone beyond mastering the TRX techniques, to incorporate the ideas of TRX into her own knowledge base and experience. She also teaches the Pulley Suspension system which further challenges core stability and deeper muscle isolation. Her lifetime experience as an athlete herself, and her experience in dealing with injuries and physical setbacks, now gives her insight into how to tailor the TRX exercises to the individual needs of her students. Indeed, she gives her students a rather profound philosophy of exercise that they can take with them in any athletic pursuit they may have. Her unique philosophy will not be found in less experienced trainers.

Although I was quite athletic for most of my life, by the time I had turned sixty, the exercises I was doing just were not keeping me fit. I was no longer satisfied, or getting the results I wanted, from swimming, weightlifting or jogging. Cecily has taught me how to exercise muscles without compromising the joints, ligaments and tendons, by doing everything in plank position, with the correct way to impose the resistance. She focuses on building the core muscles first, and I have become much stronger and more fit, and I intend to keep doing the TRX she has taught me for the rest of my life. I attribute all of this to what Cecily has taught me. I give Cecily Bailey my highest recommendation as a trainer. Sincerely,

-Blake Temple

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for including the TRX/ RIP program at your club.

I come from a background of competitive athletics. I was selected for three years as All American in the sport of triathlon. I was national champion for 50 year olds in the Olympic distance triathlon, and completed two Ironman Triathlon Championships in Kona, Hawaii. For the past 30 years my interest has been swimming, riding and running faster than my competition. My training consisted of training 40 hours a week in the three disciplines. Each week I would have to introduce myself to my wife and kids so that they would allow me to enter our home, because they never saw me.

Several months ago my wife Shelley started the TRX program with Cecily and would enthusiastically describe her exercise routine to me. She told me about this little woman who conducted the sessions. I would respond, ”Yes dear, that’s nice.” Shelley had been spinning and working with weights, but even though she loves spinning for it’s lower body and cardio benefits, I never saw any real change in her physique . Then, after working with Cecily, her triceps began to tighten up, she developed biceps and core strength that she had never had before………my God what was happening? She said “ You should do this Forrest.” I told her I wasn’t going to take anything taught by a “Little woman.” Well, I did go . I met Cecily and I tried the introduction to TRX for an hour and a half. I am now a disciple and will follow Cecily to the fires of hell. I think she can turn water to wine.

TRX and Rip isolate and work all the muscles that have been sleeping. The program develops your core and allows you to maximize your body’s potential. It combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises to make you stronger and more flexible while increasing your oxygen carrying capacity. My interest is not body building from an aesthetic perspective. I just want be in great shape and beat everyone I go up against.

I find that my running stride has increased that my back does not ache after several hours in the saddle. I know that my stroke in the water will have more power. TRX and Rip complement every other sport and enhance the specific muscles used in each athletic event. Spinning and working with weights are great and can be made greater by utilizing the TRX and Rip program.

TRX and Rip are revolutionary and I believe there will be clubs devoted just to this program. It is safer than lifting weights. Results are realized sooner. It is a perfect balance of everything you want if you are interested in developing your body to perform as it was designed. I believe that coaches around the world will incorporate the TRX and Rip concept into their programs, no matter what sport.

-Forrest Bond

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you my experiences with Kendall Schmidt.

Four years ago I began experiencing debilitating neck and back pain which, after 2 years of misery, turned out to be a food allergy to soy. During that time, the pain was so severe, it was difficult to move my upper torso and I experienced major sleep deprivation. My body was a complete wreck but I was determined to get back to my former self…being able to enjoy what I consider to be simple pleasures: gardening, exercising, traveling, and believe it or not, cleaning my house!

As a member of Get Fit Davis, I had the opportunity to observe some of the trainers and take their classes. I was immediately impressed by Kendall’s enthusiasm, her professionalism, and her interactions with club members, but most importantly, my body felt fantastic after taking her classes. I attribute this to her knowledge and understanding of the human body and being able to incorporate it into the design of her classes.

These positive interactions with Kendall led me to seek her out as a personal trainer. I’ve been working with her for about a year and during that time she has helped guide me back to a healthy life. Every time I met with her we began our session by establishing how my body was feeling and then she would design a routine to address my specific needs. Thanks to her I’ve been able to get back to the things that I most enjoy – in short, she’s given me back my life!

I consider Kendall a remarkable woman, a top-tier Personal Trainer, and a major asset to Get Fit Davis.

-Catherine A. Strong

Having attained 80 years of age this month, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Kendall Schmidt for her outstanding coaching, guidance and knowledge that have enabled me to attain a balanced level of physical fitness I could not have attained by myself.

She is a fellow University of California, Davis, alum with a solid foundation in biological sciences---which I value---and has attained certification in a massive array of physical fitness and training specialties, which she imparts to her clients through her very effective instructional skills. She practices what she preaches, so to speak, and maintains an arduous level of personal fitness that can only be described as exceptionally superb.

Choosing Kendall as my personal trainer has turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

-Dick McCapes

"I am in the Air Force Reserves and my last PT test over a year ago was one of my worst. With the help of Kendall, I not only maxed my pushups, sit-ups, and body measurement test this year with ease but I also improved my run time my over 30 seconds from the previous year. Furthermore, Kendall is the reason I had to buy new belts as my pants started to fit me looser and my old belts became too big to wear. Kendall definitely helped me to get motivated and work even harder to not only do well on my PT test but to hit the gym with a good plan to improve my overall fitness outside of passing a test."


Kendall is a very qualified fitness professional who cares about working with people to help them to reach their goals. I first knew Kendall by taking her group exercise classes. She always kept each class interesting, mixing things up every week, cueing proper form, and giving alternatives for more or less intensity. She clearly showed an interest in helping people work hard while at the same time keeping proper form to avoid injuries. With that experience, it was clear that she would be a great personal trainer. Upon starting a training program with her, she conveyed the idea of approaching the process not just from the point of view of doing exercise but also of keeping an eye out on food. The combination of the workouts with Kendall, the motivation to keep exercising during the week, and monitoring food has helped me achieve a healthier weight and improved fitness. The personal training workouts with Kendall hit the right level, they are challenging and are also varied every time to keep things interesting. Crucially, she listens to questions and concerns, and will find what works best for you. I have had an excellent experience, and therefore highly recommend Kendall as a personal trainer.


I've been training with Kendall for almost 2 years now and I feel much stronger, more flexible, and have much better endurance. Overall, I just feel better! Kendall knows a lot about the human anatomy, often explaining which muscles and tendons are involved with different body movements. She is wonderful with focusing on several different muscle groups during our sessions. Every time I think she's got all of my different muscles fatigued, she finds another area begging to be worked out. I look forward to our sessions each week, even though it's often quite intense. Kendall is a true inspiration. She's a true to life super-hero in my book for sure!

-Mark Pemberton

I started with Kendall in 2011 with five training sessions. Right away I knew Kendall was the best trainer I have ever had instruct me. After the first five sessions, I took 10 more training sessions. I was never disappointed. Kendall seems to have an exercise regimen for every muscle group. If you ever want to know what to do for whatever you need, Kendall has an answer. She draws excellent stick people for every exercise that allows you to review what you have learned even months or years later. This is a training exercise that keeps on giving!! They say that if you recommend a trainer then the trainer must really be good. I have recommended Kendall on numerous occasions. My wife has also learned a lot from her sessions with Kendall. My wife always tells me when I slow down while working out to "Do what Kendall says and keep on working it!!"

-MAS Davis

My name is Sandra. I joined Get Fit (previously Peak Performance) 2-3 years ago because I wanted to feel better emotionally, physically and work toward getting my "old pre-children body" back. I never struggled with weight but having children changed that. I am 40 years old, 5'5" and when I joined GF I was about 150lbs heavy. :( "If I could at least look the same way as I did before my daughter was born (144lbs )that would be fantastic!", I thought to myself...

Then after about a year or so of elliptical trainer, spin and so called "boot camp" classes with different instructors I met Kendall. Just about everything in her teaching style fit me- from her ability to focus on which muscles we work in the moment and which we do not to the impeccable timing and ease of transitioning from one exercise to another, and with her eyes often closed but always watchful of what is going on in the room and incessant reminding of "could you do it better, harder?" I was working hard every time I took one of her classes. I started seeing some changes on my body but instead of feeling better I felt progressively more tired.

When I approached Kendall, some 7 months ago, I was 139lbs and my goal (now changed) was to try and get a six pack by my 40th birthday!:) "Silly? Why not! I am a goal oriented person," I thought to myself...

In just an hour long consultation Kendall quickly pointed out that my poor nutritional choices and habits probably caused my fatigue. I never thought admitting to someone what you ate in a day can be such a humbling and embarrassing experience, yet Kendall's professionalism and integrity assured me I can tell her just about anything!:)

In just two weeks on Kendall prescribed diet I lost 8 pounds! I was so bewildered by the result that I thought for sure my weight will come back as soon as I veer off the diet! I was wrong! I continued working out and read a book Kendall deemed informational that set me in a new direction- working out smarter, long term. In another meeting with Kendall I found out I lost 5% body fat and was now in a category Personal Trainers called athlete! I am currently at 130lbs (my high school weight!), I made permanent changes in my eating habits, I can actually see how my quadriceps look :), my gluteus and I continue to work on that six pack. Thanks to Kendall's vigilant and continuous inspiration and training tips, with respect to my age and life choices, I have a body I did dream of but never thought it possible.


I'm a senior who has been training with Cecily Baily, TRX trainer, for the past few weeks. TRX is an amazing exercise program that targets all areas of the body and, most importantly, the core. Cecily is a great trainer who is knowledgeable, pays attention to detail, & honors any health issues you might have. She is precise in teaching alignment & proper form, so that you get the most benefit from your efforts. The workouts I've had with Cecily have been rigorous & challenging, and I'm pleased to see positive results in building muscle strength, improved posture and stronger body core. I highly recommend Cecily & TRX training for anyone who wants a complete exercise program that includes building muscle strength & aerobics. Take advantage of Cecily's expertise, she really knows her "stuff"!!

-Pat Kelleher

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I have just completed my first month of membership at Get Fit Davis and that I have been very pleased by my experience during the past month. I am a 66 year old fitness enthusiast and appreciate the breadth of training opportunities that are available at Get Fit Davis. Since joining I have been a regular participant in Tuesday and Thursday Spin Classes as well as utilizing the various other exercise opportunities on my own. The staff are very friendly and helpful and I appreciate the attention paid to keeping the facilities clean and inviting.

Perhaps the greatest experience during this first month was my personal introduction to TRX Training provided to me by Cecily Bailey. The introductory session was very informative and challenging since it was learning by doing. I really appreciated how Cecily listened to my training history and took special note of some prior injuries that had been issues for me. Cecily, besides being an inspiration as evidenced by her own personal fitness and enthusiasm for TRX was extremely thorough in explaining each exercise, the importance of engaging the core, and adhering to good form practices. As it turns out TRX is just the training I have been looking for but did not know anything about it. Cecily enthusiasm for TRX was contagious and upon completing the introductory session I signed up for 10 of her sessions and am well on my way with TRX training. High Fives All Around!

During my introductory session I shared with Cecily that my training goal has been to make 70 the NEW 45. She responded by saying “Bill you’re already there so with TRX I think you should modify your goal to 70 the NEW 35!” I am not yet a Navy Seal but I am very pleased by the progress I have made in just three weeks. The TRX is a great addition the the extensive walking/hiking, spinning, and yoga that are part of my regular fitness program. TRX is a great strength builder while maintaining flexibility and being joint friendly! I look forward to great times now and in the future at Get Fit Davis and with TRX.

-Bill Leachman

I began working out with Nick in March 2011. I was trying to improve my running and I wanted to cross train. I had heard that Nick had some awesome classes and was a great trainer. Working with Nick not only improved my running but also transformed core which has always been a weak point for me. I have been to other classes and worked with other trainers, but none of them were able to help me gain muscle and lose weight.With Nick’s help I quickly improved my running times and my core got stronger. I was able to cut 18 minutes off my next half marathon time. Never in my life had I seen results so drastic and fast. I accredit it to Nick’s evolving and always changing workouts, both outdoor and indoor. Flipping tires, jumping rope, ladder work and more!!

One of the issues I have always had with other classes and trainers was the boring repetitive routines that they always used. I would stop the class and move on to my own thing. Nick keeps it fresh by always changing up and keeping you engaged. He keeps you challenged and motivated. I was so impressed with his classes that during my last company meeting I hired Nick to conduct a Cooperate boot camp for my employees. It was a great class and I was able to tie the hard workout into pushing hard in your professional life. It was awesome.

Lastly the best thing about Nick is he cares about each of his classes and his clients. He is diligent in communication and wants you to succeed. I would recommend training with Nick to anyone, beginner or expert. He will help you achieve your goals and you will have a blast in the process. He knows how to challenge you and push the class to get people to strive for more. I urge anyone interested in getting in shape to come get Nicked!!

-Chris Whitehead

Nick has helped me to transform my life and my body. I am in the best shape of my life and still find that he challenges me to push and persevere to the next level. I started with Nicks Strength Training and Boot Camp classes, and just when I thought I reached my peak, I joined his Triathlon training group and found myself not just pushing the limits of fitness but finding that the camaraderie of a team can teach me so much more. Thank you to Nick and his team for this amazing journey.

-Nicole Chaidez

Nick's dedication to his athletes and their individual skills and challenges invariably meets with results. I competed in my third and fourth sprint triathlons under Nick's tutelage, and his coaching helped me decrease my finish time by over half an hour! It's been such a blessing to have Nick as a coach and as a friend. I highly recommend his triTRAINed program, and can't wait to be a part of it again next season!

-Laureen Jenson

When I encourage people to try Nicks class I always tell them that "I have never seen so many women of a vast age range in such incredible shape in one place! You will love him!!"

-Alexis Romeo

From my early teens till my early thirties I have been struggling with maintaining healthy weight, trying to develop healthy eating habits and failing to exercise regularly. I have also struggled with low self esteem, and like almost every woman out there, my body image was my big weakness. Finally I decided to make a change and decided to sign up for personal training sessions with Nicholas.

From the very first meeting I knew this guy is like no other trainer I have met before or worked out with. He instantly jumped into our first session with energy, enthusiasm and determination I have never seen before. He challenged me from day one proving to me time after time that my limits lie much further than I would have ever imagined. He pushed me harder than I have ever pushed myself at the same time making me laugh, inventing new routines for every meeting, helping me adjust my form and constantly keeping things interesting, fun and at high energy level. Along with exercises Nick always talked to me about food, workout routines and lifestyle change I was going through.

Before I noticed I became one of the “healthy people” I have always laughed at but secretly envied. I couldn’t go longer than two days without exercising, I felt better than I have ever felt before, I stopped getting sick, and my mood and energy levels improved noticeably. My weight dropped slowly, but consistently and is still dropping. My body looks and feels much better, and since my first session with Nick I have successfully completed 3 sprint-triathlon races – an athletic achievement I would have never picked up without Nick’s constant support, cheering me on, and helping me achieve my physical best.. I struggle for words to describe tremendous positive impact that Nick has had on my life. Thanks to him I have become a better, healthier, happier version of myself. His passion for fitness is apparent in his every action, and his enthusiasm is contagious. His personality allows him to get along well with a variety of personality types and to find a key to motivate everyone he meets. He does what he loves and does it with passion and commitment that are visible, infectious and impressive.

-Barbara Myslik

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