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Aqua Fit with Daphna:

A high energy aqua workout, targeting all the major muscles using the water’s resistance to challenge all fitness levels. This class includes cardio endurance, muscle conditioning, and core strengthening. Methods such as interval training, blocks, and pyramids are used, as well as water equipment such as noodles and aqua dumbbells (buoys). This is an effective and fun class. All skill levels are welcome.

Power Aqua Aerobics with Liz:

A fun, high energy, low impact cardio workout! The warm water is inviting and comfortable. The music keeps us going as we warm up, build to a cardio workout, and finish with a range of motion movement exercises and stretches. Throughout the class modifications will be included and welcomed.

Deep Water Aqua with Daphna:

A high-powered deep water class that incorporates cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, and core strengthening. The class targets every part of the body, and provides a no-impact but challenging cardiovascular workout. It is held in the deep end of the lap pool. Flotation belts are used and provided. Open to all fitness levels.