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Our mission is to provide our swimmers with an enhanced swim lesson from experience instructors. Based in a family owned community gym, all instructors who work for us are genuinely committed to providing positive swimming instruction to teach swimmers how to be safe and experienced in water settings. We offer group lessons with no more than 4 kids to an instructor (Week long sessions for $80 per week - Monday through Thursday, 30 minute sessions), private lessons which are one-on-one with the instructor (privates are mostly held on Friday and can include adults, $45 per 30 minute lesson), and mommy-and-me classes by request. Here, we believe in teaching safety skills as a top priority, and eventually lean into honing in on proper swimming etiquette. We look forward to the opportunity to instruct your children this summer!

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Everything is assisted, instructors are encouraging bubbles, head submersion, assisted front and back floats, sitting and sliding into the pool. This group is teaching fundamentals of water discovery, and encouraging a fun safe environment.


Mostly assisted, but letting the swimmer tell the instructors what assistance they need. Instructors will continue the same activities as previously listed, but encourage the swimmers to gain independence.


This stage instructors hope to be giving minimal assistance, swimmers will have an understanding of water safety, in this stage instructors want to make them independently water safe. Swimmers will hopefully be doing unassisted front and back floats, gliding from the wall to instructor, comfortably submerging head and body into water, and know how to safely enter and exit the water. This is the swimmers acclimating to a new activity! During this stage the swimmers are exploring the water.


Instructors hope in this stage to build water confidence, here instructors would encourage swimmers to do the whole lesson with minimal assistance. Swimmers will know how to do front and back floats, swim up from the bottom of the pool, enter and exit the water without any assistance by themselves. During this stage instructors can begin to teach strokes. This stage is growing confidence as a swimmer.

Blue (SKILL)

This level is designed for more advanced swimmers. During this stage instructors will expect them to work on the skill of what they are doing in the pool. There should be minimal to no assistance being provided from the instructor.

Purple (STAMINA)

Swimmers are expected to swim lengths of a pool by themselves at this point. The instructor will most likely be on the outside of the pool giving them different drills and skills to practice with. During this stage swimmers are working on their stamina. Our instructors strive to ensure swimmers are safe in the water as well as reaching other individual goals.

Create a Glofox (our booking software) account if you don't have one and select the desired week/time/level for your child under the "Courses" tab. Need help? Call 530.753.5282 or email