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Spin with Erika:

All levels welcome. We work hard with flats, hills (lots :) ) and interval sets to get the HR up with short recovery times in between. The class is designed to push you and be challenging but you can easily modify by adjusting your resistance and/or speed to make it easier or harder.

Spin with Liat:

My spin classes mostly follow HIIT training style: working hard for a short period of time, followed by rest. I tend to have a few time-based drills per class and repeat each 2 to 3 times. I like using the bike power feature (watts) to direct people's effort level.

Eclectic, inspiring, and fast-paced music - mixing old stuff with new stuff (rock, dance, alt rock, americana and folk-pop are my favorite genres). I don't use weights. The focus of the class is solely on cardiovascular conditioning and leg strength.

Spin with Lisa:

Start pedaling and let go as we take on fast flats and challenging strength building climbs. You’ll get all the feelings of a real outdoor ride while building cardiovascular endurance and burning some serious calories riding to music from decades past and present.

Spin with Jenny:

HIIT and Hills ride.

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is an efficient way to spend a short amount of time on the bike and consists of short bursts of exercise followed by recovery. This class alternates HIIT training with hills segments that increase strength and endurance. Expect eclectic music choices from 60’s rock to current dance remixes, all meant to inspire you through one of the most challenging spin workouts. Modifications are always an option though, so the class is appropriate for everyone.